Nothing is more important than knowing you and your home are secure. Let the Locksmiths with Metro Locksmith of Omaha bring peace of mind to your home today. Whether it is picking the right locks for your home or resurrecting a vintage piece, don’t hesitate to call on our experience. We offer a wide range of solutions and professionally installation all the locks we sell.

Rekey Service

We can change the existing configuration of a lock to eliminate unwanted keys.

Master Keying

Configuring a lock in this way, allows for different levels of access. Grouping multiple doors on a Master Key System, allows you to control who has access to your property ie Manager, Tenant, Contractor.

Emergency Lockout Service

Locked out of your Home. We will get you in. In the movies, anyone with a screwdriver or a coat hanger can open a lock. The reality is, Experience counts, it takes patience, know-how, and the right tools. All of our locksmiths are properly equipped and trained in the latest techniques to assist you in getting back in and on with your day

Lock Hardware Sales, Installation & Repair

Do you have a lock that ‘doesn’t quite work right’? We can help! Minor adjustments can make a world of difference. Or, have you replaced a door and want the locks to match the rest of the building? We can help!

Broken Key & Debris Extraction

Whether it is the blade of the key, the wrong key, a toothpick, a paper clip, super glue, or even packing tape, we have the expertise to extract these, and many other obstructions that somehow find their way into an otherwise functioning lock assembly.

Antique Door Modernization and Retrofitting

A new lock on an antique door isn’t always the best fit. We can customize the install to marry up the new with the old, seamlessly.

Furniture and File cabinet keys

Is your desk or other lockable cabinets, fixed in place or too large to take to a lock shop? We can come to you and originate lost keys on site. quickly and conveniently
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