With over 30 years of combined automotive experience at Metro Locksmith of Omaha, we use state of the art equipment, computers and the latest locksmith techniques to offer a comprehensive level of coverage for everything from Lost Key Replacement to programming Remote Keyless Entry Systems. Specializing in High Security Transponder [chip] Keys, Remote Keyless Entry Fobs and Proximity Push-to-Start [smart] Keys.

New Keys Made

Lost keys replaced on-site [towing NOT required] – Transponder/Electronic ‘computer chip’ keys programmed

Keyless Entry Remotes

We sell, as well as program keyless entry transmitters – Service performed on-site, conveniently at work or home, wherever you prefer

Emergency Lockout Service

Locked out of your Car? We will get you in.The movies make unlocking a car look easy. The reality is, it takes patience, know-how, and the right tools. All of our locksmiths are properly equipped and trained in the latest techniques to assist you in getting back in and on with your day

Fouled Ignition Extraction

A designed approach to removing a ‘jammed’ ignition lock – using minimally invasive procedures, intended to salvage key lock components for reuse, saving you money

Lock Assembly Repair & Configuration

We can assemble replacement lock kits to the factory configuration, retaining key compatibility, as well as change the configuration if keys needed to be eliminated from operation.

‘Factory Keys’

Decode existing key & recreate the original key. This process generates a key, free of the wear that accumulates on a key over time. Standard duplication does nothing to address this wear, in fact it can exacerbate the issue

Broken Key & Debris Extraction

Whether it is the blade of the key, the wrong key, a toothpick, a paperclip, super glue, or even packing tape, we have the expertise to extract these, and many other obstructions that somehow find their way into an otherwise functioning lock assembly.

VIN-to-KEY Service

With your vehicles VIN#, Metro Locksmith of Omaha can obtain the factory key codes and deliver a key to the vehicle, where is can be programmed if needed. This service provides you the peace-of-mind from keeping possession of your vehicle and the savings associated with towing the vehicle to a properly equipped factory dealership — Year and make restrictions apply

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