Automotive Keyless Entry Remotes

Protect Your Investment With Keyless Entry Remotes

Automotive Key Programming Near You Can Save You Time And Money

With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, there is hardly a car in existence these days that doesn’t have an automotive keyless entry remote. The device can save you profound amounts of time and effort: armfuls of groceries are tackled with the push of a button, the experience of getting into your car is streamlined when you don’t have to fumble with half a dozen separate keys, and the panic button is always within reach if you feel the need to use it; these little things may sound inconsequential, but they can add up to a safer, more convenient driving experience over time.

At Metro Lock & Safe, we want to make sure yours is always performing to the fullest of its capabilities to keep life easy and breezy. If your car keyless entry system breaks, dies, or malfunctions, we’re able to send a full-service mobile vehicle right to your (car) door. Our vast experience and knowledge have allowed us to compile all the tools we need to fix your problem — including offering you replacement key fobs — all on-site. Don’t spend your afternoon waiting by the side of the road for a tow truck or emergency service; call Metro Lock today.

Prepare For Unexpected Surprises

The best way to manage the battery in your keyless remote dying or malfunctioning is to have a spare — or a few — on hand. At Metro Lock, we can replicate and program keyless entry remotes and transmitters at either of our locations in Omaha and Des Moines, or, if it’s more convenient, can come straight to you to reprogram a key fob at your car. We’re happy to prevent bad days by ensuring you’ve got a spare key within reach.

From Consumers To Companies: We Do It All

Metro Lock understands the energy and focus it takes to manage a lot full of vehicles; keeping all the keys separated and correctly paired with their car is hard enough in and of itself, but dealing with a faulty remote keyless entry system for cars is a hassle you shouldn’t have to think about. Whether you run a dealership or a rental agency, Metro Lock can help with all your key fob needs: get spares made and breaks fixed to ensure your business continues its smooth ride.

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