Broken Ignition Key Extraction

Need to Remove a Car Key Stuck in the Ignition?

Don't Worry.....

It happens. You insert your key to open your car door and it doesn’t work. It could be the wrong key, or something could be wrong with the blade.

You give it a tug and then you feel it — your key breaks in your hand and the part that’s still stuck in the car door is left inserted in the lock. You try what you can to get it out (a paperclip, toothpick, packing tape), but it just won’t budge.

Don’t wonder how to extract a broken key.  Metro Locksmith has you covered.

What Can MetroLock Do For Me?

The repeated use of your key can cause metal fatigue. When combined with sticky locks, you can end up with a broken key stuck inside your lock. What’s worse, you can end up with a broken key and debris stuck in your lock that you can’t get out.

Luckily, you can put your drill and replacement lock away. MetroLock has the skill and the experience to get your broken key and debris out of your car’s lock.

Our locksmiths are each expertly trained on using the proper tools for broken ignition key extraction and the removal of other obstructions from inside your vehicle’s otherwise functioning lock assembly.

Why Did My Key Break In The First Place?

Despite what you might think, the universe hasn’t turned against you. Keys can break for a lot of reasons. These reasons include:

  • Temperature changes
  • Metal fatigue
  • High pressure
  • Sticky locks

Your key is meant to open the door of your car and start your vehicle, not duel with an irritating lock that won’t let you in. When faced with these obstacles your key can take any opportunity it has to snap in your lock.

Fortunately, Metro Lock is always ready to lend a helping hand when your car key broke in ignition. If your key has been broken in the lock of your vehicle, or if debris is obstructing your key from going into the lock, give Metro Lock a call.

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